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Revision Surgery Procedure Dr Vartan Mardirossian

Written By: Vartan Mardirossian

633 views . 1 year ago

Patients often request information on revision surgery. Sometimes, the doctors at Jacobson & Mardirossion give second opinions to patients considering procedures suggested by other surgeons. In other cases, patients may consult the doctors because they have had procedures implemented by other surgeons, but they may not have achieved their desired results. In such cases, the doctors can help patients get through the process, and they may make suggestions for other procedures that can help patients to achieve the results they seek. As Dr. Vartan Mardirossian points out, the doctors take the time to listen to the concerns of patients, and they often educate patients about various procedures. At the Jacobson & Mardirossion Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence, the doctors perform the classic surgeries that many patients know about, such as face-lift and rhinoplasty procedures. However, they may also suggest and explain procedures that patients might not even be aware of, which can also be performed at the Center.

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