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Ashkan Ghavami

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433 N Camden Dr., Suite 780 Beverly Hills , CA 90212


Dr. Ghavami is a recognized authority on the subject of rhinoplasty. To learn more about nose reshaping surgery, please visit his other website: www.rhinoplastycenter.com.


Sharing with you today, 5 Dangers of Buttock Surgery. Safety & Health are very important! You can look fake if you like, but usually not necessary. Remember gravity & time always win, and attempts to reduce later is more complicated. I never believed in making buttocks too large because of the potential issues it can cause. My approach to the BBL is known as the SCurve®. You can find more examples of my work on Instagram and my website below.

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Face Surgery Before and After Transformation

This video showcases a face transformation surgery I did for Amy consisting of Fat Transfer Cheek Augmentation, Buccal Fat Removal, Chin Implant, and Rhinoplasty. Natural results are a must! #keepthemguessing™

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Non Surgical Chin Augmentation by Dr Ghavami

For those wanting a stronger chin and jaw line, non-surgical chin augmentation may be for you. IG, Snap, Twitter: DrGhavami

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