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Non-Surgical Neck Lift - Fractora Featured on ABC News

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As we age, our skin loses its laxity and firmness. The skin on the neck and jawline begins to sag and lose its youthful contours. Ana Moore, a 53-year-old Executive Host at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City decided to do something about her sagging neck. ABC News follows Ana to plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Davis' medical office where he performs the new radiofrequency treatment Fractora. "We've tried them all and I think this is the one that truly gives the best results," – Dr. Davis Fractora is hailed as the "knifeless necklift." It is a non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens skin on the neck without surgery. First, a numbing cream is applied to the area. Then, Fractora delivers radiofrequency energy that penetrates past the skin surface and addressed the elastin fibers. The heat energy causes the fibers to tighten and contract. Full results are seen after 3-4 weeks. ABC News catches up with Ana after her Fractora treatment. Her before and after photos show her significant improvement and firmness in the neck and jawline. Fractora can be performed in one treatment session or split into multiple sessions. It can also be used on various areas of the face and body.

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