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Augmenting Breast with Renuva to eliminate ripples and grooves

Written By: Leif Rogers

2.7K views . 4 years ago

With little breast tissue, our patient's breast implant rippling shows up as minor irregularities on the breast. This is common in breast implants and isn't anything to worry about. A quick visit to the office for some fat grafting to the areas can fix any rippling and irregularities. Watch Dr. Leif Rogers use Renuva to smooth out our patient's irregularities. We can see immediate improvement. In todays video we are using MTF's Revuna, allograft adipose matrix. This brand new science has been engineered to conveniently treat small volume soft tissue defects through an in-office procedure. Renuva can be used to fix liposuction defects, small soft tissue defects and even cellulite dimples. If interested about finding out more feel free to contact us! Pasadena Office: (626)537-3737 Beverley Hills Office: (310)860-5915 Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: @leifrogersmd For more information about Leif Rogers MD check out our website. The purpose of this video is for education. We would like to demonstrate how this new product works to fix small volume soft tissue defects almost instantly.

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