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Dr Goldberg on Breast Cancer Surgery

Written By: Mytien Goldberg

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Breast Cancer Surgery | Breast cancer diagnosis is one of the most devastating diagnosis for a woman. The woman faces not only the challenges of the cancer diagnosis but also the prospect of loosing a defining part of their body. Breast reconstruction is crucial for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer surgery to regain her self confidence and identity again. Many women are more comfortable in and out of clothes with breast reconstruction. Breast cancer Surgery | Diagnosis |Dr Goldberg believes that by providing a woman with choices for breast reconstructions, we also empower her in the fight against breast cancer. The best outcome for breast cancer treatment requires a team approach which includes a breast oncology surgeon, medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, and plastic surgeon. There are two crucial components in breast reconstructions -- the timing and the types of breast reconstruction. Breast cancer surgery | Discussion |Together with the breast cancer medical team, Dr Goldberg will discuss and advise which option is the best for her patient.

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