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Cross Plastic Surgery

Written By: Kevin Cross

2.63K views . 1 year ago

This 18-year-old young lady wanted a more balanced, refined look to her nose, in addition, to help with her breathing. She didn't want a drastic change but wanted a nose that looked a little less wide from the front and wanted the tip to hang down less both from the front and the side. She also wanted correction of the bump on her nose without the result looking "too scooped". Through an endonasal approach, meaning there are no visible incisions whatsoever, Dr. Cross used a number of suturing techniques to mold and shape the cartilages of her nose to help thin the appearance of the nose and to lift the tip. Dr. Cross reduced the hump of her nose, and finally, straightened her septum, and reduced the size of her turbinates to improve her breathing. She is only 8 weeks out in her after picture. The tip will continue to look more refined and balanced over the coming months.

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