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Botox Injections for Crows Feet and Facial Wrinkles

Written By: Kay Durairaj

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Ready, Set... Smooth! I love the look of Botox done well. My goal is always to keep you smooth, brows lifted and pretty, face natural and expressive, not frozen. Here are some botox tips and timelines to adhere to to make sure you are always looking your youngest and best! 20's: Start Baby Botox if you notice lines and furrows, to stop them! 30's: starting botox prevents wrinkles from forming, those resting lines will soon disappear! 40's-50's: Lines you notice at rest will soften and smoothen nicely for 4 months! And nice browlifting effect for first signs of heavy eyelids! 60-80's: continue to look smooth and youthful with 2-3 times a year maintenance and take care of your best assets! Migraine sufferers: try 40-60 units of Botox for 90% success in getting rid of migraines, drug free for 4-6 months! You know that life is short, confidence is everything and looking fresh matters. Do the maintenance! Come visit and let me help you maintain your attractiveness and beauty. Call 626-316-7033 or email to book your appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon and amazing injector today!

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