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Brazilian Butt Lift

Written By: Chia Kao

1.83K views . 3 years ago

She was my first #brazilianbuttlift performed 15 years ago before anyone knew what it was. She is a beautiful #model who first saw me for breast augmentation. She had #beautiful B+ Cup breasts that was perfectly #shaped and #proportioned. I simply could not bring a knife to her already #perfect breasts. It felt wrong to tamper with God's perfection I told her. She came back 4 months later for a revision of malpositioned implants performed elsewhere! Ugh...After we revised her implants, she came back wanting to take the excess fat from her waist and thighs and inject it into her #buttocķs. She felt she was losing #modeling jobs due to her flat #butt. At was 2005, l was already performing #fattransfer to the face and breast. Very few people were transferring fat to the buttocks. She said she heard it could be done. She pushed me to do it for her. I felt obligated to help her so that she could avoid a similar fate with her breast surgery. After some careful planning, I performed what is now called the #brazilan #buttlift. So, listening to your patients can make you a better #plasticsurgeon #kaoplasticsurgery. For more info on Dr. Kao and his practice: Dr. Chia Chi Kao is a board-certified aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 15 years of experience whom Vogue claims “is single-handedly revolutionizing the future of facelifts.” Dr. Kao is the founder of the KAO Center in Santa Monica, California and is the creator of the new and revolutionary Ponytail Lift™ and Ponytail Facelift™ procedures.

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