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Breast Augmentation

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BEAUTYBYDRCAT - Natural breast augmentation is where fat is liposuctioned from different parts of the body and transferred to the breast. There are advantages and disadvantages when compared to breast implants. The advantages are that it is your own natural tissues and you don't have to worry about possible complications with implants like capsular contracture. The disadvantages are that the amount of volume that you can obtain with a single transfer is around one cup size and the overall shape of your breast remains basically the same - it does not create a full round shape like an implant, especially in the upper pole or allow you to go up multiple cup sizes. If your breast tissues are dense or the skin is very tight, there are even more limitations on the volume because the fat grafts are very fine. It creates a natural look. Also, the results are extremely technically dependent and the fat must be harvested extremely carefully and gently and placed very precisely and without overstuffing the tissues, creating too much pressure that might kill the fat. ------ Natural breast augmentation

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