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Brooklyn Dermatology

Written By: Dmitry Khasak

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A dermatologist diagnoses and treats your skin, hair and nails. As the largest and most visible organ of your body, your skin is the barrier that protects your body from outside elements. Along with your hair and nails, your skin is exposed to many toxins and environmental attacks. As a result, this barrier is subject to many possible abnormalities and disorders. Your Brooklyn dermatologist works to protect your skin while providing cosmetic procedures for eliminating your skin concerns. One of the key areas in a dermatologist’s training is the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers. While many other disorders are possible, the predominance and potential seriousness of skin cancer means that you should rely on the best dermatologist in Brooklyn for the health of your entire family. Century Medical & Dental Center, (Sheepshead Bay), 260 Ave X, Brooklyn, NY 11223, (718) 336-8855. Read more:

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