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Correction of Facial Scars from Piercings

Written By: Gordon Kaplan

1.88K views . 3 years ago

The Kaplan Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 2.8K subscribers Scar Revision for a New Jersey patient using punch excision, which is a procedure where a tiny circumference of the skin is removed with either 2mm, 3mm or 5mm disposable punch biopsy, to then be stitched together and thus remove a scar/pore. This procedure is ideal when the patient has acne scars, scars from piercings or even large pores that are too deep to be treated with laser, microneedling or filler. Punch excision is considered a non-invasive procedure, it's performed in-office under local anesthesia and could take as little as 15 min. Dr Kaplan performs punch excision at his Edgewater location. If you have questions regarding this procedure, please call the office (201) 710-7771 and we can answer your questions. You could also email us at

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