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Elelyft New York Facial Plastic Surgeon Doctor Gary Linkov

Written By: Gary Linkov

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Elelyft is a unique type of upper lip lift surgery that helps create extraordinary, yet natural-looking results by lifting the upper lip and creating facial symmetry. At City Facial Plastics, located in Manhattan, NYC, our goal is to help patients feel confident in their appearance. Dr. Gary Linkov is a top-rated plastic surgeon who uses cutting-edge techniques and technology for your lip augmentation to ensure every patient obtains natural-looking, stunning results. What is Elelyft? Elelyft is a unique type of upper lip lift surgery. Elelyft surgery is a variation of the bullhorn lip lift surgery that incorporates traditional upper lip lift surgery techniques with a modern and individualized approach in order to achieve the best results. Special surgical ink is used to mark the incision to ensure the exact, correct amount of skin will be removed and that the skin closure is precise. Once the skin is removed, the modern surgical techniques of deep release and undermining of the remaining skin are performed. These additional steps reduce the tension of the skin, leading to more optimal wound closure and minimal scar formation. How Did Elelyft Surgery Come to Be? Dr. Linkov is always reading and researching surgical techniques that would help him provide the best results for his patients. Having had extensive training in facial anatomy and the science behind wound healing, Dr. Linkov knew that making the remaining upper lip skin as relaxed as possible before closing the incision during upper lip lift surgery would result in a less noticeable scar. He also used the special surgical ink in facial reconstructive procedures in the past and decided to implement it for these cosmetic cases. Dr. Linkov has been using the Elelyft scarless upper lip lift surgery technique with excellent results. Read more: City Facial Plastics 635 Madison Ave #1402E, New York, NY 10022 (212) 439-5177 Nearby Locations: Upper East Side | Lenox Hill | Hell's Kitchen | Midtown Manhattan | Murray Hill 10021, 10028, 10044, 10065, 10075, 10128 | 10019 | 10022, 10017 | 10016

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