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Endoscopic brow lift before and after in beverly hills

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For the endoscopic procedure, the face and its features undergo age-related changes that make people feel as if they look tired, angry, sad, or older than they feel. These changes often first start to occur in the brow, or forehead region, which include the formation of forehead lines, glabellar creases, and drooping of the brow itself. A forehead lift, or brow lift, can help to lift the brow line to a higher position and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, restoring a firmer, more youthful appearance to the upper portion of the face. While there are several different techniques that a physician can use to alter the appearance of the brow, one technique that is gaining in popularity is the endoscopic forehead lift. This technique involves making several small incisions within the hairline around the perimeter of the forehead. With the aid of an endoscope, which is an optical instrument that is inserted into the incisions, the physician uses very small surgical instruments to elevate the facial tissues away from the brow and disrupt muscle activity and function. Additionally, the brow may be lifted to a higher position to further rejuvenate the upper face. It is important to understand that those individuals who are bald, have receding or high hair lines, or have had upper eyelid surgery may not be optimal candidates for this type of procedure. However, in these circumstances, your physician may be able to use a different surgical technique or treatment in order to achieve the desired results. Unlike the coronal incision, the incisions used during an endoscopic forehead lift are very small. Generally, the physician will make approximately three to five incisions that are positioned in the scalp and temple regions. As the incisions are relatively small, the resulting scars will be well hidden within the hairline.

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