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Fat Transfer to the Face

Written By: Adam Hamawy

2.04K views . 3 years ago

Fat transfer to the face is an effective ve way to restore volume that has been lost as a natural result of aging. Normally we do start from the central part of our face which causes it to deflate and results in telltale signs such as deep laugh lines and tear troughs under the eyes. This also results in jowling due to deflation of overlying skin laxity. The fact can be harvested from the abdomen, love handles, files, or anywhere else where there is extra unwanted fat. Just transferred into syringe is and then injected into the face. We expect the body to observe approximately half and retain approximately half as a permanent filler. This technique also has added benefits and that along with the fact comes to buy his own natural growth factors and stem cells which I’ve been shown to have positive effects to the surrounding tissues. This results in a more youthful appearance and improvement in the overlying skin. The procedure is done in the office under local anesthetic. After the numbing day donor area such as the abdomen and face The procedure takes approximately one hour. Swelling is expected to last approximately three days.

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