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Lip Reduction by Dr Philip Miller

Written By: Philip Miller

2.56K views . 3 years ago

Dr. Philip Miller, board certified facial plastic surgeon, located in Manhattan, NY, performs a lip reduction for a patient that had silicon fillers done 10 years ago. The original lip augmentation was too full for the patient's liking so Dr. Miller surgically removes the unwanted filler. After removing the unwanted filler the lip area will swell and look asymmetrical due to the water solution Dr. Miller has injected the lips with, but the lips will resume its new, normal shape once the swelling subsides. For more information about finding the right surgeon to perform facial plastic surgery in NYC, you can contact us by visiting our site or contact us using the information below. Dr. Philip Miller, MD, FACS 60 East 56th Street New York, NY 10022 Phone: (646) 791-3025

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