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Microneedling Treatment with Brandi Cyrus

Written By: Kay Durairaj

1.59K views . 2 years ago

Check out @brandicyrus getting some post VMA skin detox! Brandi raves about how glowy and pretty her skin has become after 3-4 sessions of microneedling. Listen in and learn about our amazing microneedling treatment with beautiful Brandi this week. If you haven't heard of microneedling, it is like a high octane facial. The skin gets micro perforations that grow collagen, and it is bathed in stem cell growth factors, antioxidant nutrients, and high dose vitamins. Microneedling creates small opening in the skin (painlessly, of course) and allows us to bathe the skin in stem cell growth factors, retinoids, high dose vitamins, and antioxidant nutrients - better than any facial! To schedule an appointment today, call my Pasadena/LA private practice at (626)316-7033 or email To stay updated daily with our amazing treatments and great beauty tips, follow my Instagram at @beautybydrkay and our Snapchat at dr_kay.

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