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Neck Lift Results Explained for NYC Patients

Written By: Philip Miller

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Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Miller, explains neck lift results for his patients in NYC. One of the first locations that show signs of aging on the body is the neck. Your skin may begin to sag and wrinkle. Extra folds of skin create the appearance of a “double chin” or “bands” under the jaw line. Fortunately, the youthful appearance of your neck can be restored with a platsymaplasty, or neck lift. Why do some neck lifts look great and others just look OK? Why do some patients get amazing looking after photos and others just look a little better? Dr. Philip Miller explains in this simplistic but very revealing video on what really determines the neck lift results for his NYC patients. During the neck lift surgery, general anesthesia is administered for the removal and tightening of excess skin, muscles and tissues. Fat may also be removed. When a neck lift is performed on its own, there are different options of techniques that can be used including liposuction to remove excess fat from the neck area. To learn more about the neck lift surgery in NYC, please visit: You may also call Dr. Miller's office at 212-750-7100 to speak to one of the Patient Advisors about the available neck lift procedures.

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