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NYC Male Model Makeover by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech - Part 5

Written By: Douglas Steinbrech

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Checkout this video of Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, NYC board certified plastic surgeon, transforming a patient into a male model makeover within 10 minutes. Dr. Steinbrech performs the makeover by injecting facial fillers into cheeks, jawline and chin to give a more defined chiseled appearance. Please visit to learn more. If you would like to be the next Male Model Makeover patient, please contact our offices today at (646) 480-7750 or visit us Before male model makeover procedure interview with patient Carlos: Dr. Steinbrech: Hello Carlos, So tell us, wha brings you in today? Carlos: I was online and found your videos on youtube. I watched several of your procedure videos and I wanted to have the same procedure done to my face. I wanted my face to look more chiseled and square. Dr. Steinbrech: Perfect! Let's do it! After Procedure interview with Carlos: Dr. Steinbrech: Ok Carlos, was it pretty painful or was it ok? Are you happy with the results? Carlos: It was great! I am surprised it didn't hurt at all. I was very comfortable and I'm very pleased with the results! To learn more about the male model makeover procedure in NYC, please visit Dr. Douglas Steinbrech's website at You may also call us at (646) 480-7750.

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