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Prevention for Healthy Skin in Brooklyn

Written By: Dmitry Khasak

2.56K views . 2 years ago

As with any specialty, the best dermatologist in Brooklyn looks for dermatology trends that are making the greatest strides to help prevent, maintain and restore some of your most youthful qualities. The best option for your healthiest skin, however, involves a good prevention program. Prevention begins in childhood, but can and should be practiced throughout your life for the best results. Your Brooklyn dermatologist can help you develop a healthy skin protocol that includes: A healthy non-inflammatory diet, including plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and lots of colorful fruits and vegetables for the varied vitamins and nutrients Constant vigilance regarding sunscreen, appropriate sun-protecting clothing and sunglasses that include protection for the top of your head, your lips and the tops of your feet Monitoring of your skin and its condition to be aware of any changes in color, texture or growths, along with annual checkups help to provide treatment at the earliest possible stages of any skin conditions Taking care of both your insides and your skin increases the chances of staying healthy, protected and strong as you move into each progressive stage of your life. Your dermatologist in Brooklyn helps you maintain the healthiest skin possible. Century Medical & Dental Center, (Downtown Brooklyn), 200 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, (718) 522-3399. Read more:

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