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QuickLift Mini Facelift | Paula's Experience Video

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QuickLift mini facelift patient Paula discusses her experience with the QuickLift procedure and Dr. Dominic Brandy. The QuickLift mini facelift is a revolutionary outpatient procedure that lifts and tightens skin in the lower portion of the face and neck in a minimally invasive way. The QuickLift, which was developed by board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dominic Brandy, MD, delivers impressive results similar to those obtained with a traditional lower facelift procedure but with a lower likelihood of complications, a quicker recovery and longer lasting results. The QuickLift is designed for men and women between the ages of 40 and 65+ who want to stay ahead of the aging process. It is performed by a number of physicians in the U.S. and abroad who have been personally trained by Dr. Brandy. If you'd like to schedule a free consultation and reside in or near the Pittsburgh area, call 800-429-1151. For information about a QuickLift physician near you, please call 800-321-LIFT or visit See before and after photos of QuickLift patients by visiting the link below.

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