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Skin Rejuvenation in NYC

Written By: Natalya Fazylova

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Oxygen Facial An oxygen facial skin rejuvenation treatments in New York doesn’t replace good skin care; it makes your skin more receptive to the care you already give it. An oxygen facial treatment is a safe, natural and painless that doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals or injections to provide you with younger-looking skin. There are few, if any side effects, even for sensitive skin. The Oxygen facial process involves: Prior to your oxygen facial procedure in our skin rejuvenation clinic, your skin is exfoliated to remove any lingering makeup, dirt and oil. Your New York City aesthetic specialist uses an airbrush for oxygen facial treatment to apply oxygen mixed with natural ingredients, like vitamins and supplements, that smooth out your skin. The oxygen mixture is pumped gently over your face. New cells and collagen are encouraged to flourish as your skin is detoxed. The entire process takes from 30 to 60 minutes. You can apply makeup immediately afterward. After an oxygen facial skin rejuvenation treatment procedure, you’ll feel refreshed, and your complexion and skin is rejuvenated. The difference between an oxygen facial skin rejuvenation before and after will lift your spirits. European Facial The popular European facial treatment in our skin rejuvenation clinic NYC is becoming trendier in the United States. In Manhattan, a European facial is effective for every kind of skin type, but it just may be the best skin rejuvenation treatment for oily skin. Reduce the prevalence of acne, which can hit you in your teens or as you get closer to menopause. And you’ll enjoy every part of a European NYC facial skin rejuvenation treatments: First, dead skin cells, makeup and dirt are exfoliated to reveal your natural, healthy skin. The European facial skin rejuvenation features exfoliation processes that alone encourage your skin to begin rejuvenating — prompting new skin growth and repair. Steam clears your pores even further, eliminating leftover debris and opening your pores to receive the next skin rejuvenation treatment. Warm towels are placed over your face to further enhance the expansion of your pores and to draw out any impurities. If acne and blackheads trouble you, they’re easily removed after your pores have opened fully. A facial mask aimed at your specific skin type is applied and allowed to work for about 15 minutes. As the mask does its work, your aesthetician massages your neck, hands and feet to promote relaxation, an integral part of a holistic facial skin rejuvenation process. Moisturizer and toner are applied after the mask is removed to prevent your skin from drying out. The entire process takes about an hour to an hour and a half. We offer the best facials in NYC to even out your skin tone and rekindle that internal energetic spark. Facial treatments in NYC are safe, natural and painless. Rejuvenate your skin with oxygen and european facial. Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness, 635 Madison Ave #1401, New York, New York 10022, (Between 59th & 60th Street), +1 212-752-5745. Read more:

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