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Written By: Marina Yuabova

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Platelet Rich Plasma is one of the newest forms of treatment for skin imperfections. The treatment is typically used to reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and fine lines on the face. Platelet Rich Plasma, also called PRP, requires very little on the part of the patient, and there are no risks of rejection or other issues with the treatment because it is based on your own plasma. The procedure begins when a doctor takes a small sample of blood from the patient in question. That blood is then sent through a centrifuge to separate and remove the red blood cells, leaving behind plasma that is rich in platelets. The serum can be used to regenerate physically damaged tissues while providing a younger, healthier, and fuller appearance to the skin. If you are on the fence about Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, you should consider some of the following benefits of the procedure. Non-surgical Treatment There are a lot of misconceptions regarding PRP treatment, and a lot of them come from a general misunderstanding of what the procedure actually does. One of the more common terms for the procedure is a ‘vampire facelift’, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. PRP treatment is entirely non-invasive, and it requires no surgery of any sort. The treatment is administered via small needles that inject the platelet rich plasma into the skin. Additionally, a small application of the serum is given to the skin surface, which helps reduce inflammation as a result of the injections themselves. Small bruises might develop at the site of the injections, and a small amount of redness or swelling is possible during the first 24 hours after the treatment. These side effects happen in many instances and are not major at all. In fact, most patients report a lack of side effects within a few days. Fast & Effective There is no complicated or long procedure involved with PRP. In many cases, the process takes far less than half an hour. The PRP itself has to be: extracted, separated, activated before it can be administered, but it starts to act instantly once administered. The PRP essentially acts as an immune response when it is applied, which means it gets to work repairing damage right away. The natural healing factors within the PRP start changing the appearance and feel of skin by working to change the epidermis itself. The result is the natural production of collagen at the injection site, and within a few weeks the results can be seen visibly. Even after the results are noticeable, the skin will continue to become healthier as time progresses. Long-term Results The results of the PRP treatment don’t dissipate within a few weeks or months. In fact, the results from a single treatment can be felt for many months in the future, and the recommended treatment regimen of three or four procedures staggered over a few weeks can provide results that will continue benefiting the patient for over a year and a half. Such a huge level of improvement is nearly impossible with any other form of skin rejuvenation, especially for the time commitment. Safe & Natural PRP treatment does not include any synthetic chemicals or other ingredients that may turn out to be harmful. Instead, PRP treatments are formulated from natural ingredients produced by your own body. Your body produces everything required to heal your skin, and PRP takes advantage of those materials to provide treatment that has no chance of creating any dangerous side effects. Rejections, allergic reactions, and infections are impossible with PRP treatment, which isn’t true for other artificial drugs or chemical fillers. Boosts Self-Confidence The main thing that attracts patients to PRP treatment is the appearance of wrinkles, scars, or other skin abnormalities that require attention. These skin conditions can make one feel less valued by society, so treatment is sought to restore self-confidence. Platelet Rich Plasma is one of the most effective treatments at restoring confidence because the treatment is so efficient at skin rejuvenation. PRP treatments offer: better skin tone, smooth skin, and radiant skin. If you need treatment for a skin imperfection, you should consider PRP. Read more: Integrative Wellness NY 26 Court Street Ste 309, Brooklyn, NY 11201 +1 (718) 222-4888 +1 888-604-6623

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