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Undereye Filler with Angie Mikaelian

Written By: Kay Durairaj

1.74K views . 2 years ago

Say hello to model and makeup artist, Angie Mikaelian! I love her refreshing honesty about filler and how it's helped her stay fresh and beautiful! Watch how hollow, tired dark eyes transform to pretty, brighter and refreshed- undereye filler can be life-changing! Remember your eyes are precious! Your eyes are the first connection you make with the world and it’s so important to come across vital, bright eyed, and fresh. Just for the month of January, undereye filler is only $550! Come visit me in my Pasadena private practice and let me help you maintain your attractiveness and beauty! Call (626)316-7033 or email to book your appointment with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon today!

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