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Dominic Brandy


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Dr. Dominic Brandy is a renowned board-certified cosmetic surgeon with over 30-years of experience as a leader in advanced cosmetic plastic surgery. In 1981, Dr. Brandy founded The Skin Center Medical Spa in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to serve the region’s increasing demand for a medical practice devoted exclusively to minimally invasive facial rejuvenation and cosmetic surgery procedures specializing in facelift surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck. Over the years, Dr. Brandy has grown his practice to include three locations in Pittsburgh including Mt. Lebanon, PA, Shadyside, PA and Wexford, PA and one in Columbus, Ohio, all of which offers proven, medical-grade skin treatments including Botox® , laser hair removal, cellulite treatment as well as collagen enhancing products and skin care treatments for firmer, more youthful looking skin.

Fat Transfer to the Butt and Breasts

Pittsburgh cosmetic surgeon, Dominic Brandy, MD, discusses the benefits of restoring the feminine, hourglass shape with Re-Lipo-sition® or fat transfer to the buttocks or breasts. Re-Lipo-sition is a two-step surgical procedure that begins by removing unwanted fat from the abdomen, back, love handles or thighs through liposuction surgery. The fat is purified and then artistically positioned in the buttocks or breasts for added volume and fullness. After years of being asked, “Can you take the fat from my stomach and move it to my breasts or butt.” Dr. Bandy is happy to tell his patients, “Yes! I can.” It’s called Re-LIPO-sition, and it’s only available at The Skin Center in Pittsburgh. Watch full video now!

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QuickLift Mini Facelift

Dr. Dominic Brandy discusses the specifics of the QuickLift mini facelift procedure as Joyce describes how she felt after her QuickLift. - Spoiler Alert: Joyce says there is a little discomfort, but no pain. The QuickLift® Mini Face Lift, created by board certified cosmetic surgeon Dominic A. Brandy, MD., is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedure that gently lifts the mid to lower face and tightens the neck and jaw line, resulting in a firmer, refreshed, more youthful appearance. The QuickLift Mini Facelift procedure delivers results similar to those obtained through traditional lower face lift surgery but with a lower likelihood of complications, a faster recovery and lasting results. For more information on the QuickLift Mini Facelift at The Skin Center, please visit: http://www.theskincentermd.com/quickl... The Skin Center Medical Spa in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH Skin Treatments | Cosmetic Plastic Surgery http://www.theskincentermd.com

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Kybella Double Chin Treatment

As one of the first medical spa’s in Pittsburgh to offer Kybella double chin treatment, Dr. Brandy, board-certified cosmetic surgeon and founding medical director of The Skin Center in Pittsburgh, was interviewed by Michelle Wright from WTAE-TV about the benefits of this non-surgical, no downtime treatment. Hear what our patient has to say about watching her double chin disappear after just two treatments and find out if Kybella is right for you!

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