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Kay Durairaj


800 S Fairmount Ave, Ste 325 Pasadena , CA 91105


Dr. Kay Durairaj is a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and specialist of head and neck surgery. She completed her surgical training at UCLA and is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Kay is specially qualified to treat a full range of ENT medical and surgical problems. Her other specialties include ear disease, and hearing disorders, cancers of the head, neck and facial skin, sinus surgery and allergies, radio frequency surgery for snoring, sleep apnea and voice disorders. As both an artist and a surgeon, we help make our patients look and feel their best, Dr. Kay offers both surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures such as Botox and facial fillers, as well as facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, laser surgery of the face and facial rejuvenation. Dr. Kay is committed to enhancing your features in the most natural and subtle ways. We pride ourselves in modern technology with traditional techniques. Our mission is to help our patients accomplish these goals in a painless, compassionate, and efficient way. We aim to educate our patients in a safe environment while offering them necessary comprehensive care.

Lip Injections for Maxim Model Victoria Barbara

Full and pouty lips, but natural too.

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Rhinoplasty A Look Inside the Operating Room

Join me as I take you behind the scenes, pre-op through post-op, on this handsome patient's surgical journey!

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Botox Injections with Nurse Val

Injections for my lovely nurse Valerie to keep her headache free and beautiful! Botox is an amazing solution to pesky signs of aging and migraines, now FDA approved!

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Sculptra Squats in a Bottle

Sculptra butt injections are becoming one of the most popular procedures in our office! These injections help fill in dimpling and indentations in the behind, as well as stimulating the growth of new collagen to help you get a bigger and rounder butt. Unlike surgery, Sculptra in the butt requires NO downtime and can help you require results that look natural. Listen in as Dr. Kay tells you everything you need to know about a Sculptra treatment

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Undereye FIller with MUA Stella Kay

Tired anyone?

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Behind the Scenes on a Beauty Consultation with Bethany Cosentino

Listen in to my beauty consultation with beautiful musician, Bethany Cosentino!

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Sculptra Butt Injections with Marie Madore

Listen in to my sculptra session with beautiful Maxim Model, Marie Madoré!

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What To Look For In An Injector

I love my patients and all my followers! While I want you each and everyone of you to feel pretty and confident, it is important that your safety comes first!

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Undereye Filler with Angie Mikaelian

Say hello to model and makeup artist, Angie Mikaelian! I love her refreshing honesty about filler and how it's helped her stay fresh and beautiful! Watch how hollow, tired dark eyes transform to pretty, brighter and refreshed- undereye filler can be life-changing! Remember your eyes are precious! Your eyes are the first connection you make with the world and it’s so important to come across vital, bright eyed, and fresh. Just for the month of January, undereye filler is only $550! Come visit me in my Pasadena private practice and let me help you maintain your attractiveness and beauty! Call (626)316-7033 or email info@beautybydrkay.com to book your appointment with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon today!

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Undereye Filler with Cannula

Dark circles and tired eyes can be treated nicely with injectable fillers.

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Restylane Lip Filler with ItsMuaAshley

So excited to treat @itsmuaashley to give her sexy, full lips.

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Botox Injections for Crows Feet and Facial Wrinkles

Ready, Set... Smooth! I love the look of Botox done well. My goal is always to keep you smooth, brows lifted and pretty, face natural and expressive, not frozen. Here are some botox tips and timelines to adhere to to make sure you are always looking your youngest and best! 20's: Start Baby Botox if you notice lines and furrows, to stop them! 30's: starting botox prevents wrinkles from forming, those resting lines will soon disappear! 40's-50's: Lines you notice at rest will soften and smoothen nicely for 4 months! And nice browlifting effect for first signs of heavy eyelids! 60-80's: continue to look smooth and youthful with 2-3 times a year maintenance and take care of your best assets! Migraine sufferers: try 40-60 units of Botox for 90% success in getting rid of migraines, drug free for 4-6 months! You know that life is short, confidence is everything and looking fresh matters. Do the maintenance! Come visit and let me help you maintain your attractiveness and beauty. Call 626-316-7033 or email info@beautybydrkay.com to book your appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon and amazing injector today!

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Microneedling Treatment with Brandi Cyrus

Check out @brandicyrus getting some post VMA skin detox! Brandi raves about how glowy and pretty her skin has become after 3-4 sessions of microneedling. Listen in and learn about our amazing microneedling treatment with beautiful Brandi this week. If you haven't heard of microneedling, it is like a high octane facial. The skin gets micro perforations that grow collagen, and it is bathed in stem cell growth factors, antioxidant nutrients, and high dose vitamins. Microneedling creates small opening in the skin (painlessly, of course) and allows us to bathe the skin in stem cell growth factors, retinoids, high dose vitamins, and antioxidant nutrients - better than any facial! To schedule an appointment today, call my Pasadena/LA private practice at (626)316-7033 or email info@beautybydrkay.com. To stay updated daily with our amazing treatments and great beauty tips, follow my Instagram at @beautybydrkay and our Snapchat at dr_kay.

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