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Marina Yuabova

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Amazing results!

Martin Grinnborg on August 12, 2019

Everyone was very courteous and friendly. A very knowledgeable doctor, will listen and answer all my questions.. Treatment procedures were all explained and were almost pain-free. I would recommend her to anybody looking for amazing services and results.

Do their job perfect!

Alyson Ellis on May 28, 2020

Excellent clinic with superb service from the staff. I went to this clinic for Botox and always returned with a great feeling. I would totally recommend this place as you aesthetic clinic.

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Dr. M. Yuabova, DNP, FNP Dr. Marina Yuabova is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Assistant Professor at City University of New York. She is also the founder of Integrative health and aesthetics aiming to restore health holistically, as well as beauty. Her extensive training and broad experience make her a unique medical professional with vast knowledge pertaining to functional and alternative medicine. Following completion of her Bachelor of Science, and Master of Science degree with a specialty in Family Nursing Care from SUNY Stony Brook, Marina received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from SUNY Stony Brook, publishing her thesis on depression screening in patients suffering from physical trauma. Dr. Yuabova FNP. DNP has earned certification in aesthetic medical procedures, injectables, micro-needling, skin care, sclerotherapy, clinical application of IV nutrient therapy, PRP for sexual wellness, life lift, thread lift, ozone therapy, medical prolozone therapy, T3 therapy (optimizing body temperature and thyroid function with hormones, botanicals and nutrition), weight management, and medical fitness in primary care. Dr. Yuabova FNP. DNP is currently board certified by the ANCC, she is a general member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy, is a member of American Association of Integrative Wellness NY and board certified in integrative medicine. Dr. Yuabova FNP. DNP has dedicated her career to the art of Functional Wellness and Aesthetics, and continues to learn about new technologies aimed toward restoring health and allure with minimal risk to her clients. Working Hours: Monday - Thursday 9AM–7PM; Friday - Sunday Closed. Payment: cash, check, credit cards. Integrative Wellness NY, 26 Court Street Ste 309, Brooklyn, NY 11201, +1 (718) 222-4888, +1 888-604-6623.


Integrative Wellness NY 26 Court Street Ste 309, Brooklyn, NY 11201 +1 (718) 222-4888 +1 888-604-6623

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Botox Injections

Botox is a synthesized formula extracted mostly from the bacterial toxin botulin. It has the capacity to successfully treat certain muscular conditions. But its most famous use has been in cosmetics where it removes wrinkles through a temporary paralysis of facial muscles. Carefully purified and when used responsibly by a professional, there is no risk of botulism with treatment. The solution is currently the most popular and affordable way to manage wrinkles, especially Crow’s Feet and lines around the nose and mouth. It is most effective with wrinkles that can only be seen during facial movement. The formula can be a preventive measure for managing wrinkles. It has also been recognized as a treatment for excessive sweating and migraines. The solution was originally engineered to treat spasms, as it had the ability to freeze muscles without harm. Once it was determined the solution was safe for use in managing wrinkles and other ailments, it quickly became a popular treatment, growing more affordable as its manufacture became more common. What is the Procedure? Treatments can take minutes with no other application, such as anesthesia. The medication is applied with a fine needle into specific muscles. It is advised patients not drink alcohol for at least a week prior to treatment. Anti-inflammatory medications and aspirin should be avoided 14 days before treatment in order to minimize bruising. The positive effects of the treatment can take between three to seven days to show full fruition. Impact of Botox Patients have claimed there is only mild discomfort. The only widespread and unwanted result patients encounter after treatment is bruising. This discoloration can take up to two weeks to heal itself, depending on the severity. The second most common ill effect is bleeding. This is naturally an unsettling condition. The propensity for bleeding will differ based on genetics, if the patient is using blood thinners or if there are certain foods or supplements

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