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Dr Goldberg on Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast Cancer Surgery | Breast cancer diagnosis is one of the most devastating diagnosis for a woman. The woman faces not only the challenges of the cancer diagnosis but also the prospect of loosing a defining part of their body. Breast reconstruction is crucial for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer surgery to regain her self confidence and identity again. Many women are more comfortable in and out of clothes with breast reconstruction. Breast cancer Surgery | Diagnosis |Dr Goldberg believes that by providing a woman with choices for breast reconstructions, we also empower her in the fight against breast cancer. The best outcome for breast cancer treatment requires a team approach which includes a breast oncology surgeon, medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, and plastic surgeon. There are two crucial components in breast reconstructions -- the timing and the types of breast reconstruction. Breast cancer surgery | Discussion |Together with the breast cancer medical team, Dr Goldberg will discuss and advise which option is the best for her patient.

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Dr Goldberg on Breast Augmentation

As a physician and surgeon, one of my main responsibilities is to honestly guide, educate, advise and protect my patients. I have been asked to discuss my own particular technique for breast augmentation and to give my opinions regarding implant types, implant plane placement, incision locations, and size. One of my primary goals for breast augmentation is to understand the patient's expectations from the surgery. I often ask my patients how long she has been thinking about breast augmentation. I want to make sure my patient's decision is not impulsive or under the influence of others, i.e. partners, parents, or friends. I also inquire about the patient's desire on size and breast shape. The most satisfied patient is a well-informed woman who is happy with her improved size, shape, and overall confidence. Presently in the United States, breast augmentation is still the most popular cosmetic surgery. In 2010 alone, there were 296,000 primary breast augmentations up 2% from 2009. Interestingly, it is also the top cosmetic procedure in women in the age group of 30-45 years old. Unfortunately, it has the highest revision rate of all cosmetic surgery. Studies have shown a woman with primary breast augmentation will have a revision rate of 15 to 20% in the first 3 years after the surgery. There are several factors that lead to revision breast surgery; they are due to poor results, implant failure, unsatisfactory size or shape, capsular contracture, and infection. Breast augmentation is more difficult than most patients and even many naïve surgeons realize to consistently get a beautiful result. There are many reasons for this as we will start to see. I feel it is extremely important to "get it right" the first time. Every aspect of this procedure from clear honest communication with the patient, to complete evaluation, to meticulous technique should be directed toward an excellent and lasting result. For me, one of the key factors in preventing revisions in brea

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Dr Goldberg on Fat Transfer

Fat transfer procedures are among the latest and most advanced options in cosmetic breast surgery. Torrance surgeons may recommend these procedures for women who need just a mild size or volume enhancement or would rather not have a more invasive procedure. Fat transfer procedures use liposuction to remove fat from a woman's hips, tummy or thighs, which is then injected into the breasts to enlarge them or make them more shapely. For the woman who is happy with her size, but has noticed some sagging or loss of volume due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging, a breast lift may be the cosmetic breast surgery Torrance plastic surgeons would recommend. This procedure revitalizes the breasts by tightening loose skin, restoring a perkier, more youthful figure. If a simple breast lift is not enough to restore lost volume, or you would like to enhance size, a breast lift with implants can be done. In women who have larger, heavier breasts than they would like, breast reduction can help and can be combined with a breast lift for a wonderful new look.

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